Founder & Owner

23 years old from Ireland, a Mathematician. Has been playing minecraft since alpha, running/helping on servers since 2012. He is the head honcho of the server.



34 years old father of two from Southern California, playing minecraft since Alpha. A technical minecrafter who enjoys community builds, automation and design. Has moderated and administered several large volume Vanilla and Modded servers over many years.



27 years old from The Netherlands, playing minecraft for 6 years. Frankieh started out as a player and was promoted to Moderator. He has experience with servers, having ran a modded server for 8 months then a Vanilla server for a year and a half.


Senior Moderator

41 years old from Canada, now living in Finland. A Graphic Designer and Art History grad, playing Minecraft for 5+ years. Feri enjoys the organic side of MC and loves animals. She is married with 3 furkids (2 dogs, 1 cat). Feri also enjoys other video games and likes making crafty art, and cooking.



22 year old teacher student from Denmark. He has been playing since beta. He likes to build natural stuff and small villages, but his true love lies in helping others out. Svend has moderated a small community server for a school he went to, but has also done moderator work elsewhere.



24 years old from the United States, playing Minecraft since 2010.Ran a modded server in 2012-2013 for 10 months. Currently in language school to continue studies in Astrophysics in Germany. He liked playing other games, favorite genre being RPG/JRPG.



20 year old American college student studying computer science. Iandraws, or Ian, loves building far too much for his own good. He has been playing Minecraft since 2011 and has been staff on several other servers before this one. In addition to videogames, Ian enjoys writing, drawing, and reading comic books.