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applied 2 months ago
Gotta say it is annoying that I have to go through this much trouble just to join a decent minecraft server.

What are you as a person like outside of game?

Im 32 years old, live in Texas. I work for a company that sells guns and accessories to mainly law enforcement and military. I run our inhouse holster manufacturing. If your in the market for anything let me know I will hook you up. I am very quiet and shy, yet hard working. I shoot 3 gun, work on cars, I have a 09 cts-v and an 00 transam WS6 I am building from a roller. I enjoy playing all types of games. Arma 3, Ark, Space Engineers, Factorio etc. I like playing modded minecraft better than vanilla but for some reason have the itch to play it again. Favorite modpack is Ultimate with gregtech on hard mode. 

What are you as a person like inside of game?

I am willing to help people if they actually need help and I am not busy, but normally I am very quiet and keep to myself. Immature people spamming chat, or full caps or constantly asking for things annoy me greatly. I usually run pretty far away from any civilization and setup a base on an island or inside a mountain. I enjoy strip mining for some reason, I find it relaxing to just mine for hours under the ground. I tend to build large geometrical rooms that are well organized and layed out nicely. I like to do everything myself, so I will not ask for help, or take any items, and usually throw away any starting items. 

Are we officially dating now? :p

Edit: I dont use discord, but username is Bob3104558

applied 2 months ago
I applied, ty