Common Questions

i7-6700K - 64GB RAM - 480GB SSD
€73(€67 for dedi €6 for VPS for backups)
NO. Duplications of any kind are NOT allowed
Yes, we have Coreprotect
90+ Regular players, 25+ online most of the time
The Server was founded on May 26th 2017
There is none
Anywhere > 500 blocks from spawn try not to be too close to others
Claim a plot at spawn put 32 diamonds in a chest at the plot then watch this video
Votes move the server up on vote site ranks. More votes = more applications => more good people to play with.
/vote ingame or here
Either they were not old enough, or they had an application not good enough and after many chances to provide more information they didn't
View staff and their bios here
/vote /msg /r /donate /when /tier 1/2/3/4


z=-58 Blue tunnel in Nether
x= -138 Orange tunnel in Nether
x=188 Pink tunnel in the Nether
z=-141 Blue tunnel in nether


Coloured names, discord channels & player heads
Tier1: €5 Tier2: €10 Tier3: €20 Tier4: €40 Tier5: €60+