Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions:
Donating / Voting:
Nether Hub / Nether Tunnels:
Common Questions:
Whats the Server IP?
What are the Server Specs?
i7-6700K - 64GB RAM - 480GB SSD
How much does the Server cost per Month?
€78(€67 for dedi €11 for VPS for backups)
Are Duplication glitches allowed?
NO. Duplications of any kind are NOT allowed
Can you ban XYZ for XYZ?
Report them here
How many players are on the server?
90+ Regular players, 25+ online most of the time
When is TWS's Birthday?
The Server was founded on May 26th 2017
World Border?
There is none
Where can I build?
Anywhere 500 blocks from spawn try not to be too close to others
How can I get a shop?
Claim a plot at spawn put 32 diamonds in a chest at the plot then watch this video
Where can I vote?
/vote ingame or here
Why was my friend denied?
Either they were not old enough, or they had an application not good enough and after many chances to provide more information they didn't.
What commands is there to use?
/vote /msg /r /donate /when /tier 1/2/3/4
Wither Killing Room
z=-58 Blue tunnel in Nether
Enderman Farm
x= -138 Orange tunnel in Nether
Blaze Farm
x=188 Pink tunnel in the Nether
Gold Farm
z=-141 Blue tunnel in nether
Donating / Voting:
What do I get for donating?
Coloured names, discord channels & player heads
Donator Tiers?
Tier1: €5 Tier2: €10 Tier3: €20 Tier4: €40 Tier5: €60+
Nether Hub / Nether Tunnels:
What is the Nether Hub / Nether Tunnels?
Nether Hub and Nether Tunnels is a community designed and maintained area that brings the community together and provides easy access to spawn, shops and other peoples bases. The nether hub and tunnels are a privilege not a right.

TWS Community has spent countless hours designing and maintaining the nether hub system. To be respectful for those who spent all this time, we do not allow incomplete tunnels to be linked to the hub. If you do not wish to design your tunnel then you will not be permitted to use the Nether hub and nether tunnel system.
Can I link my nether portal to a Nether tunnel?
Yes. You can link off one of the 4 main tunnels North, South, East or West as long as you don't cross through someone's existing tunnel. While we don't expect you to design your tunnel right away, the expectation is that you will have a completed tunnel design within a reasonable amount of time.

Incomplete and inactive tunnels will be issued warnings and eventually closed up.
What are the rules for nether tunnel design?
There are several big no no's that will get your tunnel covered up immediately:
  • 1 wide tunnels
  • Unlabeled tunnels. All Tunnels must be labeled.
  • Tunnels that do not align within the tunnel design (IE: wood pillars)

Proper tunnel design should be as follows:
  • Fit within the 5 wide area between the wood pillars. You can also expand to two sections if you'd like
  • Floor can either be at 111 or 112
  • Height should be at least 4 blocks
  • No visible netherrack in your tunnel unless it's by design
Can my tunnel expand to multiple pillars?
Yes as long as it evenly aligns you can expand your tunnel to be as wide as you want. Careful of Ghast though.
Can I link off of someone elses tunnel?
No. Unless you have their permission.
What if my tunnel is aligned with someone elses or cross paths?
Contact Haberson to review and give you advice for your best option.
How quick do I need to finish my tunnel design?
Once you connect to the tunnel to the hub, admins will typically give you 60 days. This may vary based on the length of your tunnel, complexity of your design, and other factors. As long as you show you're actively working on it from time to time you won't be bothered.

The main goal in enforcing nether tunnel rules is to prevent ugly tunnels.
I am not very good at design, what do i do?
Use the base design of the tunnel you're in. There is plenty of resources at nether spawn hub to use for the base tunnel designs.
Can I extend the main tunnel?
Yes, there are resources in spawn hub you can use to extend the main tunnels.
I need help linking my portal.
Contact Haberson, he can help you properly link up your portal.