TWS UHC EVENT! July 20th 9PM GMT+1

Open to everyone. IP will be displayed here and in discord on the day

Whitelisted Survival 0

"Semi-Vanilla" Survival Server. The closest to Vanilla you'll get with anti-grief/stealing and server optimisations. We have no plugins that affect gameplay like oneman sleep, /spawn /home /back etc..

We have a community of 130+ regular players who are very welcoming and fun to play with. New people are always joining so there is always someone to build a base with if you wish.

Creative 0

The creative server is for players of the Whitelisted Survival server. It is whitelisted and the only way to get on is to be whitelisted on the survival server. This is a server for people to try out builds, test farms or build anything they want.

Coming Spoon 0

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