The skyblock server is now released. Please note there might be slight bugs but nothing major. You can play by connecting to

Hi everyone, the skyblock server is now in public beta. After many many hours tweaking, fixing bugs, adding features etc the server is now ready for the public. Once we are ready for full release there will be another reset and then it will run for a long time. You can connect with the ip I'll be making a guide later on how to use all the plugins

Hi all,

I'm looking for people to beta test the skyblock server. Then everyones islands will be reset when the server goes public. If you wish to help test please reply to this thread or DM me on discord. You will recieve a skyblock beta tester rank if you make solid contributions to the beta

The point of this is:
  1. Make sure there is no bugs
  2. Find anything that easily abuseable
  3. Any suggestions to make it better
  4. Find if there is anything incomplete
  5. And just in general to polish it up

Welcome to the new forums and website! It will still be under constrcution for a while, while myself and Green_Newfie add somethings and make it look pretty. Hope everyone likes it as we will soon transition to the forums from discord quite soon for most of the discord channels

Connect now using the IP There are currently 8 players online.

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