Founder & Owner

23 years old from Ireland, a Mathematician. Has been playing minecraft since alpha, running/helping on servers since 2012. He is the head honcho of the server.



19 years old from England, a Software Developer. Juhooli started out as a player on the Vanilla server. He then started helping out on the skyblock server, where he was promoted to Moderator then later Admin for all the work he has done in the skyblock server.



27 years old from The Netherlands, playing minecraft for 6 years. Frankieh started out as a player and was promoted to Moderator. He has experience with servers, having ran a modded server for 8 months then a Vanilla server for a year and a half.



34 years old father of two from Southern California, playing minecraft since Alpha. A technical minecrafter who enjoys community builds, automation and design. Has moderated and administered several large volume Vanilla and Modded servers over many years.