TWS is a 100% Vanilla Minecraft server. We are a mature community looking for liked-minded people. Feel free to apply!


Minecraft Survival 1.12.2

100% Vanilla SMP. We run on spigot with Admin and statistic plugins. We have no plugins that affect gameplay like oneman sleep, /spawn /home /back etc

We have a close-knit community, some have known eachother longer than others. But we are all here for one reason, to have fun and build a community with decent people. There is currently 25+ active players with 10+ people on at most times. We are looking for any kind of minecraft player that can be an asset to the server.

Skylands 1.12.2

Brand new to TWS. The Skylands server opened for applications on the 1st of March 2018..

Whitelisted survival server. We use a plugin for custom terrain generation in the sky. We have slimefun, coreprotect, dynmap, shops and much more. We are looking for mature applicants who are looking for a close-knit server.